Andalucian Adventures 

    As a single traveller I consider myself blessed with friends who open their doors and hearts and share their lives and experiences with me. I’ve learned so much from staying with and ‘Being’ alongside people as they go about their daily lives. That, for me, is the difference between travelling and ‘going on holiday’. I … More Andalucian Adventures 

Off to Spain

Off travelling again…. And, grand daughter Nadira phoned to say “Don’t forget to write your blogs Nana then we can see what you get up to ! “.  So, as I head for Andalucia and friends and sunshine … Blogs will be posted  I am ready for this

Deepest Oxfordshire

The invitation was quite specific ’You are invited to a May Day Holiday Food Fight. Bring your swimming goggles’. In all my sheltered decades I have never before been invited to a food fight. and when my daughter suggested I might just want to sit and watch I decided, no, I actually wanted to take … More Deepest Oxfordshire