Beach combing 

We almost fell over the small group of stones on the Angus beach:a solid base stone supported the tower like structure; Seven carefully chosen and delicately placed stones, each one incrementally larger than the one below. A balanced work of art encased in a wreath of seaweed. An installation waiting for the incoming tide to … More Beach combing 

Thoughts in September 

Longing grips my heart and just as quickly lifts I am suspended Flashbacks waft across my horizons. I sense forty years. Karma delights in dancing alongside in the sunshine What goes around comes around My shadow darts from shade to shade The sun warms I resonate and sing of days and nights to come

Letting Go adventures

The  kitchen in my cottage in Scotland was being replaced and I’d made a decision to leave the builders, the plumbers, the electricians and the cabinet-makers to dismantle, demolish and construct to their hearts content.  As they moved in early on a Monday morning, I moved out. I’d worked with the kitchen designer, made all the … More Letting Go adventures

Circus Reflections

A travelling circus in a field on a Sunday afternoon. No grandchildren as our excuse, just me, my brother Gerry (who has bought the tickets) and his wife Brenda. Total life experience 235 years. I’m in Derbyshire for a fun weekend.What better start than the Big Top? Today’s experiences surprising. I believed there were no … More Circus Reflections